Hair Smoothing Treatments: How to Choose Which Type is Best for You

Charles IferganEssentials, Styling

Are you tired of frizzy, unruly hair that seems impossible to manage? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with maintaining their locks and dream of smooth, shiny, and manageable hair. Luckily, there are several hair smoothing treatments available that can help you achieve your desired look. In this blog post, we will explore three popular options: Cezanne keratin … Read More

7 of the Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2023

Charles IferganInspiration, Styling

There is so much content circulating for women about how to cut and style their hair to look beautiful and keep up with the trends, but often resources for men about what is fashionable and trendy are lacking. You’ve come to the right place if you are a man searching for a style to suit you. We have compiled a … Read More

Spring into Summer with a Hot New Hair Color

Charles IferganColoring, Styling

There is something about the feeling of warm breezes on our faces as the seasons change that brings out a spirit of change and renewal in us. The desire to put on a new look just like nature around us inspires changes in our wardrobe, our makeup, and our hair. If you’re eager to debut a new look for summer … Read More

How Hair Extensions Are Elevating Simple Hairstyles For Spring 2023

Charles IferganHair Extensions, Styling

How Hair Extensions Are Elevating Simple Hairstyles For Spring 2023 Celebrity trends and the fashion world have opened up a really wide variety of hair extension hairstyles for everyone to enjoy. And where the beauty of extensions is shining through this spring is in their ability to elevate a simple style from boring to stunning. Virtually any hairstyle can get … Read More

These Classic Hairstyles With A Modern Twist Are Trending for Spring 2023

Charles IferganStyling

It’s nearly spring and that means new hairstyle trends are on the horizon, but this year many of the biggest trends aren’t really new at all. They are classics with a modern twist, or combinations of past and present favorites that create something familiar but just a little more exciting. 2022 saw a surge of revived 90s styles flooding social … Read More

Japanese Hair Straightening- The Secret To Straight, Smooth Locks That Last

Charles IferganStyling

If you love the look of super sleek straight hair but are prone to frizz and flyaways there is a professional salon hair treatment that may be of great interest to you- Japanese Hair Straightening. Whether you’re battling the high humidity of summer or the cold, dry air of winter, every season has its challenges when it comes to maintaining … Read More

Find The Best Bob For Your Hair Type

Charles IferganProduct, Styling

Bobs have been one of the biggest trending haircuts of 2022 so far, and it looks like they’re going to finish out the year as one of the most popular haircuts of the year. Bobs never really go out of style, but they do have periods of time in the spotlight. If you’re thinking of jumping aboard the bob bandwagon … Read More

Do I Really Need A Hair Mask For My Dry, Damaged, Frizzy Hair?

Charles IferganProduct, Styling

You’ve no doubt heard of hair masks and probably tried a few of them yourself. They’ve been steadily gaining in popularity over recent years and many tout them as a “miracle cure” for all of your hair woes, but many still have questions. What exactly is a hair mask? What are the benefits for my hair? Why should I use … Read More

Dry Shampoo VS Dry Conditioner- What Are They And Which Is Best?

Charles IferganProduct, Styling

It’s often recommended to wash your hair less often to keep it soft, shiny, and healthy. Shampooing too often strips away your natural oils and leaves your strands parched, difficult to manage, and vulnerable to damage. But how do you keep your strands from getting greasy and gross between washes? Well, for that you have a couple of different options- … Read More