5 Healthy Hair Care Habits for Cold Weather

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Cold weather means snuggling up with a warm blanket and hot cocoa by the fire. While this may be good for the soul, it’s not so good for your hair. The dry heat, cold air, and friction from hats and scarves can really do a number on your tresses, leaving them dry, dull, and damaged. Here are a few hair … Read More

7 Resolutions to Make for Healthier Hair in 2022

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Have you set a goal to have healthier hair in 2022? To be successful you’ll need to break it down into smaller specific New Year’s resolutions that outline just how you are going to accomplish that goal. Here is a list of simple resolutions you can make to set yourself up for success in attaining healthier hair in 2022. Set … Read More

Hairstyles to Make Your Holidays Special

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With things beginning to get back to some level of normalcy, we can finally start looking forward to and planning for all of the family gatherings and holiday parties that we missed so much last year. Now’s the time to be planning your outfits, update your makeup, and glitz up your hairstyle for all of those holiday festivities. Here’s some … Read More

Choosing the Perfect Hairbrush

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You’re undoubtedly aware of the wide variety of hairbrushes available. A stroll down the hair care aisle in any store will leave your head spinning with all of the different sizes and shapes. How do you narrow it down to the right brush for you? Choosing a hairbrush should not leave you feeling like pulling your hair out. We have … Read More

Must Have Fall Hair Accessories

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Womens long hair put up with a trending claw clip

Cool, crisp nights, leaves dancing on the breeze, apple cider and pumpkin spice everything…it’s official. Fall has arrived. Those who have not yet updated their look for the change of season now find themselves in a last-minute scramble to keep up with the current beauty trends. If this is you, don’t stress. A few well-chosen hair accessories can instantly update … Read More

Four Tricks to Boost Your Hair Volume

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Woman with long dark voluminous hair

One key component to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair is volume. Even the sleekest, shiniest hair looks a little lackluster when it hangs flat and limp. Whether you want to give fine locks a boost, add a bit of texture, or give your style a bit more flair, volume is the key to a more stunning head of hair. Here are four … Read More

Long Hair- 5 Reasons to Love It

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As temperatures drop in the fall, thoughts shift from staying cool to keeping warm. We break out the long sleeves, sweaters, and boots, and start thinking about whether or not to grow out our hair. Whether this is you, or you already have long hair that you’re growing tired of, here are six reasons you’ll either want to grow out … Read More

Gorgeous Autumn Hair Colors to “Fall” in Love With

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Red hair Color for Fall

Every season has its advantages, and for fall 2021 it’s going to be amazing hair colors! Cooler days are ahead, but there is nothing cool about the hair colors you’ll be seeing in the upcoming season. This year’s fall hair colors are smoking hot! Here are a few of our favorites to help inspire you as you put the finishing … Read More

Gorgeous No-Heat Midsummer Hairstyles

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French braid and wavy blonde hair - No-heat hair styles

Are your summer hair goals no-fuss and no-heat? We get it. It’s hot, and there’s so much to do in the summertime that you want to look good with minimal effort and no added heat. Here are a few ideas for some gorgeous no-heat hairstyles to keep your hair looking great without a lot of hassle or heat styling Beachy … Read More