These Classic Hairstyles With A Modern Twist Are Trending for Spring 2023

Charles IferganStyling

It’s nearly spring and that means new hairstyle trends are on the horizon, but this year many of the biggest trends aren’t really new at all. They are classics with a modern twist, or combinations of past and present favorites that create something familiar but just a little more exciting. 2022 saw a surge of revived 90s styles flooding social feeds and that trend will continue throughout 2023 with rebranded retro favorites. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, keep reading to find out which haircuts experts are predicting to dominate Spring 2023.

The Octopus
This cut may sound a little fishy, but it’s really quite stunning. This cut’s shape is a cross between the shag and the mullet. Shorter shaggy layers on top blend into much longer piecey layers in the back. It’s these longer pieces that give the cut its name because of their vague resemblance to an octopus’s tentacles. It takes a bit of imagination to see the connection though because it definitely does not look like you have an octopus on your head. This is a great cut for those with straight or wavy hair that want minimal styling.

The Mixie
This is the latest cool-girl style in the world of hybrid haircuts. This cut is a little bit pixie and a little bit mullet. Super short pixie cut layers on top graduate smoothly but sharply to longer two to three-inch pieces at the nape of the neck. This will be a very popular cut among those that love the grunge aesthetic as it is just a little bit fairy princess and a little bit punk rock.

The Short Afro
Sometimes referred to as a boy cut, this style is a great choice for a carefree and natural look for those with tight curls. With an overall length of about an inch, this short cut is a fun canvas for color. Think light and bright shades like platinum that will expand the style for an eye-catching statement look.

The Shaggy Bowl Cut
If you’re feeling nostalgic you’ll love this 70s-inspired style. Formerly referred to as the Farrah Fawcett flip in its day this style will see a resurgence this spring. This is a long bob-length cut with rounded bangs and corners, flippy face-framing layers, and lots of movement. Flip the layers outward and feather them back for the iconic 70s look, or turn them under smoothly for more of a bowl-cut vibe.

The Box Bob
If you enjoy a one-length bob this is your year to shine. This cut dominated runways in 2022, but they have left the catwalk and taken to the streets this year. Unlike other bob haircuts, the box bob has blunt, sharp ends and a square shape that set it apart. This should be a chin length or shorter cut to take full advantage of the fullness and body the sharp ends provide.

The Butterfly Cut
TikTok fans will recognize this cut straightaway as it’s been viral in their feeds for some time now. It’s been described as a layered cut with a feathered look. Many say that it resembles a butterfly’s wings. This is a great cut for anyone growing out bangs as it will allow you to sweep that long fringe to the side in a blended and stylized way.

The Shag
The shag is back with its rocker-esque vibe, but this cut won’t leave you looking like you stepped straight out of an 80s metal hair band. The modern shag has more choppy layers with lots of texture. This cut works as a wash-and-go style for most hair types and textures with little to no styling needed. Just apply a bit of mousse or Charles Ifergan Texturizing Gel, scrunch a little to enhance the texture and you’re good to go. Talk about low maintenance!

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