Spring into Summer with a Hot New Hair Color

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There is something about the feeling of warm breezes on our faces as the seasons change that brings out a spirit of change and renewal in us. The desire to put on a new look just like nature around us inspires changes in our wardrobe, our makeup, and our hair. If you’re eager to debut a new look for summer 2023, look to celebrities for inspiration.

This season’s hair color trends are low-maintenance colors with glistening highlights and lowlights atop shimmering undertones. Many are opting for lighter base shades with golden hues instead of the typical beach blondes of summer. You’ll be seeing plenty of balayage but much softer, and traditional highlights will also be taking center stage. Brunettes and redheads will also have their day in the sun with lighter shades than we’ve seen in summers past, but the main focus this summer will be on healthy-looking hair with a glossy sheen. Here are some of the most popular colors heading into the upcoming summer season.

Wheaton Brown
A beautiful wheat brown is the base for this color. Subtle streaks of pale gold throughout give the color dimension and movement like rays of sunshine glinting through a field of wheat swaying in the breeze. If you want a soft earthy color this is the one to choose.

Ginger Hazel
If you’re a brunette thinking about going red but not quite ready to leap right into a bold copper, ginger hazel is a great color to help you make a subtle transition. With its warm cocoa base and cool copper accents flowing from the crown, it’s easier to manage than a bright red but still gives you a taste of the radiant red color you’ve been craving. Add a color gloss into your hair color routine to keep your color looking great longer and maintain a healthy shine.

Highlights and summer go hand in hand. If you don’t get them at the salon the sun will see to it that you have them by the end of the season. This season’s highlights are taking a turn from the ashy bleached blonde streaks so popular in previous summers to a softer honey blonde balayage with milk chocolate roots.

Golden Brunette
Brunettes will be updating their color this season with golden highlights and rich brown lowlights creating a whole new golden shade of brunette. The deep earthy tones mixed with sunny highlights are the perfect combination for summer. Remember to ask that the highlights and lowlights be sort of muddled for a softer look.

Sunny Tips
Do you remember the DIY lemon juice highlights that were so popular in the 80s and 90s? If not you really missed out, but now is your turn to try a similar look except this time the streaks will be placed with professional skill. The idea is to have soft streaks of lighter color that draw the eye down to sunny blonde tips. It’s an updated take on the ever-popular beach blonde.

Summer Sunset
You know the tonal colors of a sunset in midsummer. That is the inspiration for this hair color. Shades of vibrant red, shimmering copper, and golden yellow are melded together in a dramatic look that is guaranteed to turn heads. With a bold color like this, it’s important to schedule color refresh appointments between your regular appointments to keep the color bright and fresh.

Shining Copper
Natural hair tones are taking the spotlight this year and this color simply elevates one of those natural shades with a summer glow. If you’re looking to revive a naturally deeper shade of red this shining copper may be just the thing you’re looking for. Bright copper with strategically placed washes of gold is just perfect for a summer in the sun.

Buttercream Blondie
A soft buttery blonde will always be a the top of the popular hair colors charts, no matter what season we’re in. There’s just something about the warmth of the color that people simply can’t resist. This summer’s buttercream blonde has tones of dimension as the ribbons of golden butter and pale cream melt together in the sun

If you’re ready to spring into summer with a hot new hair color you can trust the talented colorists at Charles Ifergan to create the perfect custom hair color for you that is on trend for the season.  Schedule an appointment online today or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule appointments easily from your phone. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our three convenient locations in downtown Chicago Oak Street, Deerfield, or Oakbrook.