The Many Choices of Modern Textures

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Celebrity with Textured Hair perm

Texturing, or perming, your hair used to offer two options, curly and kinky curly. There was also a good chance you would end up with dry, frizzy curls due to the harsh chemicals used in years past. There have been a lot of improvements to perms over the years resulting in formulas that leave you with soft, manageable curls in a variety of shapes and patterns. Modern perms offer many choices to help you achieve just the look you want, and it’s not just about curls anymore.

Spot Perm
Perming a single section or a few small sections of hair may sound a bit strange, but a skilled stylist can use a spot perm to work wonders on your style. Naturally, curly hair often has areas that are curlier than others. Spot perms can be used to even out the curl pattern, making the straighter sections blend right in. A spot perm can also be used to expertly camouflage thinning patches of hair.

Root Perm
Root perms can be used to add curl to the grown-out root section of previously permed hair. This minimizes damage to the rest of the hair while maintaining a naturally curly look. But that’s not all a root perm can do. They can also be used to lift roots to create volume, whether your hair is curly or not. This is an excellent option for those with thin or limp hair to keep your strands from just lying flat.

Straight Perm
If you’re a curly girl longing for stick-straight strands, this is the perm for you. A straight perm will allow you to put away the straightening iron for a while and enjoy the freedom of a wash-and-go style.

Body Wave
Do you know those loose, romantic waves that have become so popular lately? If that’s the look you’re going for, this is the perm you want. Large rollers are used to create loose, flowing waves and add body to your hair without the need for daily heat styling.

Curly Perm
There are so many curl options with a modern perm. Your stylist can create pretty much any curl pattern imaginable. Spiral, pin curl, finger waves, multi-textured, pencil weave- there are endless options for curling our hair.

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