Knock Out Summer Frizz With a Brazilian Blowout

Charles IferganStyling

July 8th Blog Post

The carefree days of summer are finally here! It’s time to get outdoors, hit the beach, and lounge by the pool. But if you’re among those whose hair is prone to frizz, summer is anything but carefree when it comes to your hair. The heat, humidity, pool chemicals, and sun can quickly wreak havoc on a frizz-prone mane. That doesn’t mean you have to resolve to hide your tresses under a hat this entire season. You can knock out summer frizz, even before it starts, with a Brazilian blowout. But there’s more to this treatment than just smoother hair. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits.

Makes Hair Healthier and More Resilient

Did you know that your hair is made up of up to 95% keratin? When the keratin is damaged or lost due to things like heat styling, sun damage, and chemical processing your hair becomes weaker and develops gaps in the cuticle. The result is frizz and breakage. A Brazilian blowout is a specialized keratin treatment that replaces the lost keratin to strengthen and protect your hair, fill in and smooth the cuticle, and form a protective barrier. It will leave your hair healthier and more resilient than it was before.

Works With Any Hair Type

A Brazilian blowout can be customized to work with any hair type, even curly hair. That’s right! You can keep your curl and have smooth hair too. So whether your hair is coarse and curly, straight and thin, or anything in between, this treatment will work for you. Just be sure to talk with your stylist about the results you want before they begin your treatment.

Revives Shine

Lack of a nice sheen is a sign of unhealthy hair. A rough and damaged cuticle doesn’t reflect much light, giving hair a dull appearance. A Brazilian blowout smooths and fills in the cuticle to revive it and bring back your shine.

Saves Time in Your Daily Routine

You’ll benefit from the time-saving benefits of a Brazilian blowout for up to 12 weeks following your treatment. That means that all summer long you’ll spend less time styling and drying your hair and more time doing the things you love. This treatment eliminates the need to apply tons of smoothing products daily and the smoother surface of your cuticle means your hair will dry up to 60% faster saving you even more time.

The hair care experts at Charles Ifergan would love to give you the beautifully smooth, carefree hair you yearn for this summer. We have three convenient locations to serve you in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, or Oakbrook. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play or schedule your Brazilian blowout online today and stop summer frizz in its tracks.