Hot Hair Colors That Are Warming Up Spring 2022

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If you’re one of the many who like to change their hair color with the seasons, now is the time to don a new color for spring. The hot hair colors of this spring will be warm and bright, perfect for the sunnier days ahead. Here are a few head-turning colors you’re about to see everywhere this spring.

Golden Apricot
This color falls somewhere between strawberry-blonde and bright copper. This peachy hue is not as bold as a true red but has just enough fiery warmth, much like the pastel hues of a spring sunset.

Toasted Coconut Blonde
This is an ultra pale shade of blonde with toasted caramel tips and highlights. It gives lots of contrast for a warm, multidimensional color. The cool meets the warm feel of this color is perfect for the transition from winter to spring.

Golden Brunette Ombre
Brunettes are turning up the heat this season with a molten honey balayage. The golden sparkle warms up deep brown tones to brighten them up for a fresh new season.

Blue Flames
This ombre color starts with violet and blue roots that give way to vibrant fiery and golden oranges for a smoking hot flame effect. If you want to turn heads this spring, this color will ensure many double-takes for you.

Cinnamon Brown
Cinnamon Brown is a brunette shade with a red twist. Rich cinnamon undertones are just what’s needed to lighten up darker brown shades for spring.

Lemon Blonde
No, we’re not talking about bleaching your hair with lemon juice in the sun. Lemon blonde is a warm, soft, yellowy blonde just a few shades brighter than butter blonde. Its brightness and warmth are perfect for spring.

Faded Salmon
Pastel shades are synonymous with spring in everything from nature to your wardrobe. Why should your hair be any different? This soft color gives just a hint of salmon for a warm and feminine pink glow without being over the top.

Whatever color you choose, you’ll want to hang onto it as long as possible. Charles Ifergan Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle on color-treated hair and will help to keep your new shade beautiful and bright.

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