Expert Tips for Soft Manageable Curls

Charles IferganStyling

People with naturally curly hair generally fall into one of two categories. They either love their curls or hate them. Most who hate them say that it’s because of the maintenance required. If not cared for properly curly hair can quickly become dry, damaged, and frizzy, but maintaining soft, manageable curls doesn’t have to be hard. These expert tips for curly hair are sure to help you love your curls, or love them even more.

Shampoo Less

It’s important to keep your strands clean, but in the world of hair care, there’s such a thing as too clean. Shampooing strips away the natural oils that nourish and moisturize your hair. Over shampooing dries out your hair leaving it looking and feeling parched. For most people, a shampoo schedule of once or twice per week is perfect to keep their hair smelling and looking fresh without overdrying. For the best results remember to choose a sulfate-free, hydrating shampoo and conditioner formulated for curly hair.

Do Not Brush

Have you ever tried to brush curly hair, especially when it’s dry? It doesn’t end well! Brushed dry it will explode into a ball of frizz, and wet brushing causes breakage. Instead of brushing use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your freshly washed curls, then apply your leave-in conditioner and styling products. For maximum curl definition, allow hair to air dry and touch curls as little as possible.

Cool Curls

Curly hair and heat are not friends. Blow dryers, heat styling, and hot washes suck out moisture and lead to damage and frizz. Keep things cool by washing and rinsing with cool water to keep the cuticle sealed and smooth without zapping moisture. Air dry curls whenever possible, and if you must blow-dry, apply a thermal protectant first and use the lowest setting with a diffuser. No-heat hairstyles will protect your hair from heat styling damage.

Visit Your Stylist Regularly

When life gets the salon schedule is first to suffer, but skipping salon appointments is the worst thing for your curls. The kinks and coils of curly tresses make them prone to tangles and breakage. Without a trim every 6-8 weeks your lovely locks will be quickly overtaken by damaged, dry, and split ends. Growth will slow and curls will lose their soft, shiny appearance. So schedule trims in advance and put them on your calendar to make sure they always fit into your schedule.

With the right cut, styling routine, and hair care products your curly hair can be easy to manage. The hair care experts at Charles Ifergan know all the tips and tricks to maintain soft, manageable curls, and we’d love to share them with you. Come see us for a trim or new curly cut and ask your stylist how to best care for your curls. We have three convenient locations to serve you in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, or Oakbrook. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play or schedule an appointment online today.