Hair Glaze Brings Dull Winter Strands to Life

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Dark colored hair glaze

Winter is an unforgiving time of year for your hair. Despite your best efforts the arid air and frigid winds rob your hair of moisture and leave it looking dull, dry, damaged, and faded. If you’d like to bring some life back to your lifeless strands a glaze may be just what you’re looking for. Here’s what a glaze can do for you.

Restore Shine and Repair Damage

Hair gets its shine from a healthy and smooth cuticle. When your hair is dry the cuticle becomes rough and damaged, wiping out your shine and leaving your tresses vulnerable. Hair glaze treatments provide a top coat of sorts for your strands that seals tiny imperfections in your hair shaft to repair damage and give you back your glossy shine. This hair coating also helps to protect your hair from further damage and breakage.

Boost Color

Healthy, well-moisturized hair holds onto color longer than dry, damaged hair. Glazes can help boost your color with a gentle wash of pigment that will restore the richness and dimension to your current shade. A glaze can also help to tone down brassiness or allow you to try a subtle new hue without a long term commitment.

Extend the Life of Your Color

Glazes apply a semi-permanent coating to your individual hair strands. This seals your hair shaft to lock in the color and prevent fading, much like the topcoat on your nails protects your manicure. Adding a glaze to your salon color and refreshing your glaze every few weeks will help to keep your color fresh and vibrant longer.

Make Your Mane More Manageable

Rough cuticles make your hair prone to frizz and tangles, while silky smooth cuticles don’t easily get fuzzy or knot up. A glaze can also offer hope for limp hair by adding just enough body to keep limp strands from falling flat.

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