Gorgeous No-Heat Midsummer Hairstyles

Charles IferganInspiration, Styling

French braid and wavy blonde hair - No-heat hair styles

Are your summer hair goals no-fuss and no-heat? We get it. It’s hot, and there’s so much to do in the summertime that you want to look good with minimal effort and no added heat. Here are a few ideas for some gorgeous no-heat hairstyles to keep your hair looking great without a lot of hassle or heat styling

Beachy Waves- No Curling Iron Required

Starting with towel-dried hair, separate into two sections. Begin sectioning and twisting strands of hair together, and then twist and knot up together in a bun. Repeat with the other section and air dry. This works well when done right before bed. In the morning take down your hair and enjoy perfect beachy waves.

Double Duty Braids

Virtually and braided hairstyle will work for this. Braid your hair when it is slightly damp, and leave them in overnight. Take the braids down in the morning, and you’ll have beautiful waves. French braids or dutch braids are best as they will give you waves from root to ends for a more natural look.

Twist and Pin

Start with a 2-in section of hair and twist it around itself into a tight coil that forms a small bun and pin into place. Repeat with another 2-in section of hair and continue until all your hair is pinned up. It’ll look cute today and give you beautiful no-heat curls tomorrow if you leave them in overnight.

Braid-Wrapped Low Pony

Part hair on the side and make a low ponytail slightly above the nape of the neck. Take a small section from underneath the ponytail and braid it. Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure it with pins.

Giving your curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer a break will not only save you time with these easy hairstyles but will also help to protect your hair from damage and split ends. Come see the amazing stylists at Charles Ifergan for a new haircut that will make it easy to ditch the heat.  Schedule an appointment online today and make your midsummer hair dreams come true. You can also manage appointments from your phone download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play. We have three convenient locations to serve you in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, and Oakbrook. We look forward to seeing you soon.