Getting the Most Out Of Your Professional Blowout

Charles IferganStyling

Stepping out of the salon with a fresh, professional blowout feels so good. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s a feeling that you’d like to hold onto for as long as possible, and with a few easy tips and tricks, you can keep that perfectly styled blowout day longer. Whether a blowout is an occasional treat for you or if you get your hair styled weekly, these tips will help you get the most out of your blowout.

Protect Hair From Moisture

Make sure you have a good shower cap and keep an umbrella close at hand in case of a sudden spring shower. Getting your hair wet will completely undo your blowout, and exposure to excess moisture in the air can cause it to frizz.

Invest In a Quality Dry Shampoo

Since shampooing with water will totally wipe out your blowout, Charles Ifergan Dry Shampoo will be your new best friend, especially if your hair tends towards the oily side. Your hair needs its natural oils, but excess oil leaves hair looking greasy and stringy. Dry shampoo will help soak up the excess oil and keep your hair fresh while extending the life of your blowout.

Don’t Touch

With our hair feeling so soft and smooth it’s natural to want to run our fingers through it, but it will stay soft and smooth longer if you touch it as little as possible. Not only will touching your hair get it dirty faster, but it also causes frizz, static, and flyaways.

Brush With Care

To avoid damaging your hair or flattening your style, brush only as much as you have to detangle and smooth your style. Brushing too hard will cause damage, and brushing too often will cause your blowout to fall flat.

Put It Up Before Bed

Before you go to bed at night you’ll want to tie your hair up in a bun, ponytail, or even just a scarf to avoid the bedhead look in the morning. Just remember to keep it loose so you don’t create any unwanted waves or kinks.

Swap Out Your Pillowcase

Your cotton pillowcase might feel nice and soft on your skin, but hair tends to stick to and snag on cotton fibers. This promotes breakage, and the highly absorbent cotton can dry your hair out. Silk or satin pillowcases are much more hair-friendly and will help keep your strands shiny and smooth.

Treat yourself to a professional blowout at Charles Ifergan today and then follow these tips to keep that fresh from the salon feeling for days. You’ll love the feeling of confidence that a salon blowout gives. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play or schedule an appointment online today. We have three convenient locations to serve you in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, or Oakbrook.