Four Tricks to Boost Your Hair Volume

Charles IferganStyling

Woman with long dark voluminous hair

One key component to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair is volume. Even the sleekest, shiniest hair looks a little lackluster when it hangs flat and limp. Whether you want to give fine locks a boost, add a bit of texture, or give your style a bit more flair, volume is the key to a more stunning head of hair. Here are four tricks you can use to maximize your volume for a more dynamic mane.

A New Part
Parting your hair in the same place day after day trains your hair to grow and lay in that position. Over time the roots begin to lie flat. To give your hair an instant lift, part your hair in a new way. Giving your hair a new part will keep it from falling into its usual routine, which means more volume at the roots giving your style an overall boost.

Quick Fix

If you just need a temporary boost or need a quick fix on the go, the right product can save the day. Volumizing mousse can work wonders when styling at home. Texturizing sprays and root lifters can give you some much-needed lift in a flash, either at home or out and about. So be sure to keep some in your bag in case you find yourself in a pinch.

Long-Lasting Results

If you’d like a longer-lasting solution for limp, lifeless hair, talk to your stylist. A volumizing haircut with strategically placed layers can bring your tresses to life. Longer hair can collapse under its own weight. By lightening the load with some shorter layers and added texture you’ll most certainly be rewarded with more voluminous strands.

Hair Extensions

For very fine, thin hair sometimes all the tricks in the book can’t quite give you the volume you want. Not to worry, there’s still a solution for you. Hair extensions can be used to give even the thinnest hair show-stopping volume. Add just a few wefts for a subtle lift, or add more wefts for a more dramatic effect. Either way, the result is incredible volume without all the work.

The amazing stylists at Charles Ifergan know just how to amp up the volume of even the most stubborn locks. Schedule an appointment online today and see what a difference a new haircut or styling technique can make. If you like to manage appointments from your phone, download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play. We’ll see you soon at one of our three convenient locations in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, and Oakbrook.