Long Hair- 5 Reasons to Love It

Charles IferganInspiration, Styling

As temperatures drop in the fall, thoughts shift from staying cool to keeping warm. We break out the long sleeves, sweaters, and boots, and start thinking about whether or not to grow out our hair. Whether this is you, or you already have long hair that you’re growing tired of, here are six reasons you’ll either want to grow out your hair or keep those gorgeous long strands.

1. Timeless Style- As the seasons and years pass trendy hairstyles and fashions come and go. While there are times that long hair loses popularity, it never completely goes out of fashion. That is a good thing, considering the time investment in growing it out. With long hair, you’ll never suddenly find yourself with a completely out-of-date hairstyle.

2. Long Hair is Alluring- Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what they find attractive, but there is just something very sexy and alluring about long hair. It’s ultra-feminine, and longer hair is flattering to a wider variety of face shapes than short hair. Some research suggests that men may be genetically pre-programmed to be attracted to long hair because it is seen as a sign of health and genetic strength.

3. Styling Options- Many short hair cuts can only be styled in a handful of ways, but with long hair, the options are pretty much endless- ponytails, braids, buns, twists, long flowing curls or waves, sleek straight strands or any combination of styling options. You can style it any way you want, or not at all, and still look fabulous!

4. No Bad Hair Days- Short styles are notorious for bad hair days, but when was the last time you saw a long-haired gal having a hairstyle nightmare? It’s just not possible to have a bad hair day when you can easily twist it up into a classy bun with a pretty comb or a few sparkly pins.

5. It’s Becoming More Unique- While long hair never goes out of style, it’s becoming rarer to see women with ultra-long hair. Growing your hair past your waist pretty much guarantees you to have a unique look that others can’t easily copy because you’ve invested years in your gorgeous mane.

The amazing stylists at Charles Ifergan can help you learn to love long hair. Schedule an appointment online and allow your stylist to help ease the transitional phase of growing out your tresses or give your already long hair a bit of TLC to keep you looking your best. You can also download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments on the go. We’ll see you soon at one of our three convenient locations in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, and Oakbrook.