Brighten Drab Strands with Fresh Spring Highlights

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Fresh spring highlights

With Spring in full swing, it’s time to brighten things up and refresh your look. If your color is looking a little dull after a long cold winter, a fun way to freshen things up without a complete color change is with highlights. Here are some of our favorites to instantly transform your look for the season.

Beautiful Balayage

If you prefer a completely natural-looking color, balayage may be just right for you. Balayage highlights produce a gentle gradient color that mimics natural sunkissed highlights. Balayage may also be the right choice for you if you’re looking for something bright and trendy. Jewel tones and pastels are great color choices for a balayage that will get you noticed.

 Soft Babylights

Blondes looking for a soft color with big results, babylights are the way to go. This highlighting technique creates an effect similar to the multidimensional color often seen in children’s hair. They pair perfectly with fine texture, lighter-colored hair.

Colorful Bangs

Highlighted bangs have been trending for a while now and are a great way to add just a pop of color. Concentrating on the color in the bangs only creates a contrast against the rest of your hair that frames and flatters your face. Go with rainbow colors for a funky look or some streaks of platinum against a dark base color for an edgy rocker feel.

Blended Silver

The days of covering your grays may well be behind you. As the trend among younger women to dye their hair gray increases, more women are deciding to go gray gracefully. Adding shimmering silver highlights throughout is a great way to blend away the grays on any base color. If you’d like a more even tone to start with pewter or smokey gray and add in some platinum or silver strands.

Playful Peekaboo

Want something that will have everyone doing double-take? Peekaboo highlights are applied just under the top layer of hair. When your hair moves bits of color are revealed and then concealed again giving you constantly changing color. Natural colors offer a subtle effect while bright and bold colors will really catch the eye.

The talented colorist at Charles Ifergan will create the perfect highlights to brighten drab strands and present the image you want. Schedule an appointment online today and see how adding a few simple highlights can give your color an instant boost. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments from your phone. We have three convenient locations to serve you in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, and Oakbrook.