Winter Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Charles IferganProduct, Styling

Woman running fingers through wet hair

When temperatures start dropping our skin is usually the first to let us know that Old Man Winter has arrived. Dry cracked lips and chapped hands are evidence of the dehydrating effects of indoor heating and cold dry winds outdoors. At the same time, or soon after, you start to see the effects on your hair. Even if you follow all the expert tips to keep your tresses quenched, you can sabotage your efforts by making these common winter hair care mistakes.

Leaving the House With Wet Hair

Your mother always told you not to go out with wet hair. Turns out she was right. If you venture out with sopping strands your hair could freeze and break. Protect your hair from an icy fate by washing your hair before bed so it will have all night to dry. If you must wash your hair in the morning invest in a good blow dryer and heat protectant spray.

Skimping on Conditioner

Winter is not the time to be stingy with the conditioner. Hydrating hair masks and deep conditioning treatments should be part of your weekly routine at this time of year. If your hair is very dry you may also need to add a leave-in treatment to maintain proper moisture in your tresses. Hair oils are a great option for replenishing moisture in coarse, curly hair. Keeping hair hydrated will also go a long way toward stopping static.

Taking Frequent Hot Showers

While the hot water may feel great on cold stiff joints, super hot showers will strip your hair and scalp of moisture. Washing with warm water will help keep you from freezing without sucking all the moisture out of your hair. You may also need to shampoo less frequently to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Using Alcohol-Based Products

Some hair care products contain some form of alcohol. When the humidity is high this isn’t such a big deal, but when you’re fighting arid winter air you’ll want to avoid this drying ingredient. Read your labels and look for alcohol-free styling products to help prevent overdrying your lovely locks.

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