Why It’s Important To Clean Your Hair Styling Tools

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We all want our hair styling tools to do an amazing job on our hair, don’t we? In order for them to be able to do a good job with your hairstyle, they need to be properly taken care of with regular and thorough cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush, as in really cleaning it, not just pulling some loose hair out to toss in the trash? Have you ever cleaned your blow dryer? Probably not, and if you’re like most people you didn’t even realize they need cleaning. But the truth is products, dust, and dirt build-up on all of your hair styling tools, and they all need to be cleaned- even the hot ones. Product buildup on heat styling tools can actually burn your hair and cause breakage and split ends. So here is how to keep your tools nice and clean so they can give you your best hair days ever, and they’ll last longer too.

Hairbrushes and Combs

More than loose hair gets stuck in your hairbrush every time you brush your hair. Those bristles collect oils, dead skin cells from your scalp, dust, product residue, and all that gunk become a breeding ground for germs. Start by removing any loose hair with your fingers. Then use something to slide between the bristles like a wide-toothed comb or the handle of a rat tail comb to bring up anything down deep that you missed. Fill a basin with warm water and a squirt of your favorite shampoo. Add all of your combs and brushes, except any wood or boar bristle brushes, and let them soak. After soaking, run any natural brushes under hot water and add a drop of shampoo and then scrub everything with an old toothbrush or stiff bristle paintbrush. Rinse well and lay bristles down on a clean towel to air dry. Do this once per week to keep everything clean and germ-free.

Curlers and Flat Irons

Sticky product buildup on these tools can snag your hair and/or burn it and cause breakage and split ends, so it’s super important to keep them clean. Make sure they are unplugged and completely cool. Moisten a cloth and wipe all the residue away. If water alone doesn’t cut it add a little rubbing alcohol to your cloth. Do this at least once per month. Remember, water and electricity do NOT mix, so be sure to allow the tools to dry completely before their next use and never submerge them in water for cleaning.

Blow Dryers

Now, take a close look at the vents on the back of your blow dryer. If yours looks like everyone else’s that isn’t brand new those vents are covered with lint and dust. This reduces airflow, shortening the lifespan of your blow dryer and making them less efficient. To clean you’ll need to remove the back cover. It usually twists off, but if not you’ll need to check your owner’s manual. Take the lint filter out and clean it. You might use an old toothbrush, paintbrush, or tweezers. Rinse the filter with warm water and then dry thoroughly. While the filter is drying, wipe down the body of the blow dryer with a damp cloth. When it’s all back together it will feel just like new. Give it a clean once a month to keep it working like new.

Hair Accessories

Those headbands, barrettes, clips, and scrunchies collect oils, sweat, product buildup, and dirt as well. Once in a while, you should toss them into a sink full of water with a little shampoo and give them a gentle hand wash to keep them clean. Blot with a towel and then air dry.

If you want your tools to take good care of your hair you have to take good care of them. And if it’s time to retire any of your favorites we’ve got you covered with the Moroccanoil Power Performance Ionic Hair Dryer, Enso Epic Medium Infrared Flat Iron, Bio Ionic Stylewinder Rotating Styling Iron, and an assortment of Charles Ifergan and Spornette brushes.

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