Trending Haircuts for Men in 2022

Charles IferganInspiration, Styling

How long has it been since you’ve updated your hairstyle fellas? If you’ve been rocking the same cut for ages and now you’re ready for a change, there’s still time to kick off the new year right with a new look for 2022. Take your inspiration from these trending men’s haircuts that revive and reimagine some classic styles.

Fades- Whether you prefer a high fade, low fade, or something in between, fades are expected to be among the top trends of the year. Part of its popularity can be attributed to its ease of customization. This cut can be sculpted to be as bold or subtle as you like to reflect your own unique and individual style.

Buzz Cut- Need a super low maintenance style to compliment your busy lifestyle? Look no further than a classic buzz cut. The key to modernizing this look for 2022 is to blend it seamlessly into a perfectly sculpted beard and mustache. You’ll present a well-groomed and clean-cut image with a style that’s easy to care for.

Mullet- Looking for something that lets your wild sideshow? This throwback is sure to do the trick. Modern mullets still have the same short front, longer back look, but the transition is more subtle. A bit of natural texture makes this cut even better.

Slicked Back- If you’re partial to the shiny, slicked-back hairstyles made popular by celebrities such as Elvis Presley back in the 50s, you’ll be glad to know that this classic style is expected to be hot this year. Your image can be completely transformed with a quick change of wardrobe with this cut. With jeans and a leather jacket, you get the bad boy look, and with a suit and tie the same hairstyle looks professional and polished.

Shag- This rockstar-inspired look has made a big comeback in recent months and the trend is expected to continue throughout the year. The modern shag is an intentionally messy look that is fun-loving and sexy. This is a great cut to embrace natural texture in a wash-and-go style.

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