Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

Charles IferganInspiration, Styling

blonde hair girl styled into fancy pony tail

It seems like we spend most of the winter longing for summer weather, am I right? A little sun, a little sand, and a whole lot of outdoor fun. But how is it that we seem to forget year after year that the season we tend to love the most also comes with heat, humidity, and sweat? Yuck! In order to help you overcome these obstacles and live your best summer life, we’ve rounded up a list of super cute and easy hairstyles that will help you beat the heat and look good doing it!

Braids. For those beachy babes hitting the sand for some fun or a surf sesh, having your hair out of the way is key. A double french braided bun will secure the hair up and away from the face for your activities, and then pull double-duty for some sunset socializing without having to redo anything.

Knots. There’s no easier way to get your hair out of the way than with a quick topknot. From a super stylish “messy” knot to a knot with added interest such as a french braid up the neck or a dutch braid down the middle toward your crown. You just can’t go wrong with a knot when the heat is on!

Ponytails. Never underestimate the power of a sexy ponytail! Ponytails are a perfect option when it’s sweltering out and you have plans that require you to be in it. Yeah, you can easily just pull up with a high pony and call it a day, or you can spend a little extra time adding some deets like a braid wrap or a plumped up crown. It’s entirely up to you!

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