Know Your Hair Texturizing Options

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Variations of texturized hair

When it comes to changing your hairstyle most people’s thoughts go to haircuts and color. While these are quick and easy ways to change up your style, there is an often-overlooked option that can make a dramatic change to your hairstyle, hair texturizing. This is more than just straight versus curly. The professional hair texturing treatments offered at Charles Ifergan allow you to curl your straight strands, straighten your wavy locks, or smooth your untamed tresses with long-lasting results for a totally new you.

Japanese Hair Straightening- This method of hair straightening began in Japan in the 1990s. The treatment uses a process similar to a perm to permanently straighten your hair. It uses a combination of chemical processing and thermal reconditioning to change the structure of your hair, giving you the straight sleek style you want without fighting with a flat iron every day. If you’re a curly girl longing for smooth straight strands without the daily struggle, this may be the option for you.

Perms- Modern perms have come a long way from the frizzy perms of the 80s. Perm solutions have been reformulated to be safe and gentle for your hair while giving you soft silky curls or waves. Your perm can be customized to give you the level of curl you want, whether it’s tight ringlets or loose beachy waves. If you’re ready for gorgeous curls every day without the curling iron, this is the option for you.

Smoothing Treatment- Smoothing treatments use a process that seals the cuticle of your hair by binding keratin to the surface of your strands. This fills in gaps in your cuticle sealing in moisture, locking out humidity, and giving your hair a silky smooth appearance for months. By not needing to smooth your hair daily with heat styling tools, you’ll also be giving your hair a break from the damage heat styling can cause. Smoothing treatments can be used on straight and curly hair alike. If you’d like to keep your curl, discuss the level of curl you’d like to retain with your stylist before your treatment to be sure this treatment will work for you. So if you’re ready to kiss the frizz goodbye, talk to your stylist about a smoothing treatment.

The talented stylists at Charles Ifergan are well trained in the latest hair texturing options and are ready to help you create a fresh new style while saving you valuable time in your daily routine. We have three locations to serve you, downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, and Oakbrook. Schedule an appointment for a color update today at the location that’s best for you. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or  Google Play to manage appointments on the go.