Cute Pixie Cuts to Beat the Heat and Flatter Your Features

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Pixie haircut for summer

Summer is nearly here and everyone will soon be looking for ways to keep cool with the rising temperatures. Shorter hair is one way to naturally stay cooler, but if you’ve never delved into the realm of super short strands choosing a style can be a bit overwhelming, and even a little scary. By taking your face shape into consideration when choosing a cute pixie cut you can be sure that your new short haircut will flatter your features.

We’re experienced experts at the Charles Ifergan Chicago hair salon and we’re here to help your new style become a success.


If you have a round face you may think that you could never pull off a pixie cut. And while it is challenging to keep a super shortcut from making your face seem too ball-like, it can be done. You’ll need lots of volume on top and keep the back and sides flat and short to visually lengthen your face. An asymmetrical fringe and choppy layers will add even more lengthening angles. Straight bangs should be avoided as they will make your face appear more round.


You will want to highlight your cheekbones to help keep the features of a heart-shaped face in balance. Long side-swept bangs are a great way to bring this area into focus and provide a narrowing effect at the forehead and visually widen a narrow chin.


The last thing you want is for your pixie cut to make your face look like a box. Softly rounded bangs and lots of layers will help to soften the angles of your face. Avoid any straight lines or blunt cuts that will accentuate the angles of your face.


If you have a long face you’ll need to reduce the volume on top when going shorter with your hair. Bangs that skim your eyebrows will help even things out and shorten the appearance of your face.


Oval is the neutral face shape. Someone with an oval face can pull off virtually any pixie cut they want and look gorgeous since their feature is already well balanced. If this is you, use it to your advantage and go ahead and try that bold pixie that you’ve always admired.


The biggest challenge for diamond-shaped faces is the angular lines of the face. You’ll want to avoid straight bangs and blunt cuts just as with square faces. Asymmetrical choppy layers and wispy rounded bangs should help blur the angles and bring things into balance nicely.

The well-trained stylists at Charles Ifergan will design the perfect pixie cut to both flatters your features and keep you cool in the hot summer months ahead. Schedule an appointment online today and find out just how fabulous you will look and feel with short hair. You can find our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments from your phone. We’ll see you soon at one of our three convenient locations. Visit our Chicago hair salon on Oak Street, or in Deerfield, and Oakbrook.