Top Tips to Prevent and Treat Hair Static

Charles IferganStyling

Frizzy static hair standing up

As if the cold weather moving in isn’t bone-chilling enough, the dry air that comes with it is soon to bring another enemy: static. Ugh. Just the word alone is enough to make us roll our eyes in disgust. But don’t despair! There’s a few things you can – and should – do to help prevent the dreaded static from ruining your best hair days.

Today, we’ll talk about these preventive measures, and we’ll even give you a few tricks to use just in case that nasty static strikes despite your best efforts.

Preventative tip #1 – Hydrate! Hair that is sufficiently hydrated will be much less likely to conduct electricity in the first place. The lack of moisture in the outdoor air, combined with the dry heat coming at you inside, can make your hair incredibly dry. Use a leave-in conditioner daily to help combat, and a hydrating mask once a week. If this still isn’t quite enough moisture, try running a humidifier in your room while you sleep!

Preventative tip #2 – Style wisely! In a perfect world, we would all step out of the shower with perfectly well-behaved locks that were instantly gorgeous and ready for the day. But in reality, this is just not the case! In order to avoid static hair during cold weather, one of the things you can do is cut back on your use of styling tools. Avoid over-drying your hair, and also avoid too many passes with hot tools.  Always use a thermal protectant when using heat to style, and upgrade your hair dryer if you can! Styling with an ionic dryer will actually help balance your hair’s charge by emitting negative ions. These ions will cut down on your drying time and reduce your hair’s risk of damage.

Treatment tip #1 – Dryer sheets! Ok, we know it sounds crazy, but in a pinch, a good dryer sheet has proven to be the golden ticket for anti-static. We recommend keeping a few of these little miracles in your purse during the colder months. Not only can they take the static out of your hair with just a few swipes, they also work like magic to take the static out of your panty hose in a pinch! You’re welcome!

Treatment tip #2 – Any cream will do! In an emergency situation with static, and not a dryer sheet to be found? Turn to your purse for the nearest creamy substance: body lotion, face moisturizer, hand cream….you get the idea! Squeeze just a pea-sized amount into your hand, rub your palms together, and then run your hands through your hair. Focus more on your ends to avoid looking like a 60’s greaser.

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