Japanese Hair Straightening ~ The Secret to Perfect Hair

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Slick silky black hair

Frizzy hair also happens in the colder months, and believe it or not, it is caused by the exact opposite of warm weather frizz: lack of humidity in the air. Are you surprised? If you find yourself dealing with this annoying issue, look no further than Charles Ifergan for a Japanese straightening treatment. This thermal reconditioning treatment is just what you need to get your hair looking smooth and healthy in no time at all.

Never heard of a Japanese straightening treatment? This treatment – that originated in Japan – is a popular way of permanently straightening the hair. It promises to turn wavy, coarse, or curly hair into perfectly straight locks. It does this by breaking the protein bonds in the hair that give it its shape.

The Japanese hair straightening treatment has many benefits. The most obvious one is the resulting frizz-free look, but beyond that, the greatest benefit is likely to be the time you’ll save each day on styling your hair. Hair that has been straightened by thermal reconditioning dries much more quickly, so it is much less time consuming when getting ready. In addition, you’ll no longer have to fear the humidity!

Not all hair types are able to benefit from this treatment. This procedure is a good fit for those with loose curls or wavy hair who are tired of fighting it with a flat iron every day. If you have recently had your hair colored, bleached, or relaxed, be sure to tell your stylist as these processes affect the health of your hair. Moving forward with the Japanese hair straightening process will require extra care and consideration, so your stylist will be the best judge on whether or not it is appropriate for your hair.

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