Hot Hairstyles to Keep You Cool in Summer Heat Waves

Charles IferganStyling

Summer is in full swing and as heat waves sweep across the country everyone is looking for ways to cool off and still look good. One great way to beat the heat is with cool updos and breezy haircuts. Here are some cuts and styles that are currently trending as summer heat and humidity continue to soar.

Cool Updos

Braided Half Bun- If you don’t like wearing all of your hair up or if your hair is a little too short for a full updo you can still make your hair cooler with a half-up style. A couple of Dutch braids started at the temple and meet at the crown to form a braided bun. Curl the hair that’s left down for the finishing touch.

Wispy Messy Bun- When done right a messy bun looks just as good at the office as it does on the beach. The key to making it work is keeping it loose, neat, and wispy rather than just haphazard like you just crawled out of bed. Start with a loose bun and pull out a few wispy pieces to give it a relaxed, slightly messy feel. A few wisps around the face give it an effortless feel.

Voluminous Braided Pony- Ponytails help you stay cool, but they aren’t very exciting. Change it up with a loose braid to help contain your strands even further and add some interest. Start with a high-slicked back ponytail, then braid it loosely. Gently tug on each section to loosen it even more and create a more voluminous braid. If your hair is on the thinner side, some hair extensions can add the volume needed to help you rock this style.

Easy Tuck and Roll- This is a great style when you need something quick and easy. Place an elastic hair band over your hair from the crown pushing the hair down and forward. Stop about an inch from the hairline. Working from the front, pull your hair back over the hairband wrapping it around, and tucking the ends underneath the hairband to create a roll all the way around the nape of your neck to the other side. You don’t have to be too fussy about the roll. Just make sure that all your hair is secured with no ends sticking out.

Top Knot- This is a great style to pair with a long curtain or side bangs. Pull all your hair up loosely on the top of your head and secure it in a loose knot. Style your bangs and allow a few wispy pieces to fall for a casual and effortless look.

Curly Bun- A soft, loose bun is the easiest way to contain curls in the heat. Not only does it keep you cool and cut down on frizz, but it also keeps you looking great in the process. Simply gather your curls and loosely twist them into a bun. Secure it in place with some U-shaped hair pins and pull a few tendrils down around your face and shape them around your finger with a bit of Charles Ifergan Texturizing Gel for definition.

Breezy Cuts

Bixie- This is everyone’s go-to summer chop. It’s kind of a mashup of a short bob and a pixie. Its long fringe, front, and sides paired with short stacked layers in the back combine the best of both styles into one for the perfect summer haircut.

Bottleneck Bob- This just below the chin bob is one you can wear down without overheating, and it’s just long enough for a half-updo when you’d rather wear it up. Add some wispy bottleneck bangs that are trending so hot this summer.

Octopus Cut- This is a little bit longer cut, but it still makes our summertime list because it lightens things up to help your neck catch a breeze. This is kind of a modern take on the shag. Lots of layers on top and longer piecey layers on the bottom give it a sort of octopus shape. This cut keeps you cool while still giving you lots of styling options.

Protect Your Strands

To keep your hair looking great this summer you need to give it some protection. Pool chemicals, heat, and sun can wreak havoc on your mane. To minimize the impact of heat, opt for no-heat hairstyles as often as you can. Apply a sunscreen formulation for hair before going out in the sun and wear a hat to protect your strands and your hair color whenever possible. And before taking a dip to cool off, saturate your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner to prevent your tresses from soaking up harsh pool chemicals. Give it a quick wash as soon as you’re done swimming to remove the chlorine and keep it from drying out your hair.

If you’re ready for a new look to finish out summer, reserve an appointment with one of the amazon stylists at Charles Ifergan today. We’ll help you choose a summer cut and style that will keep you looking fabulous all through the hottest and humid days of the year. We have three convenient locations to serve you in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, or Oakbrook. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play, or schedule your appointment online today