Choosing the Perfect Hairbrush

Charles IferganEssentials, Styling

You’re undoubtedly aware of the wide variety of hairbrushes available. A stroll down the hair care aisle in any store will leave your head spinning with all of the different sizes and shapes. How do you narrow it down to the right brush for you? Choosing a hairbrush should not leave you feeling like pulling your hair out. We have some tips that will make it easy to find the perfect hairbrush to suit you and your hairstyle.

Paddle Brush

Brushes with a large flat base like the Charles Ifergan Paddle Brush are perfect for smoothing and straightening hair as you blow-dry. The broad surface and placement of the bristles cover large sections to reduce drying time while distributing hair’s natural oils and reducing static to prevent wispy flyaways and leave behind a smooth, glossy shine. Tip- Avoid this style of brush if your hair is layered as it will cause your layers to lie flat.


Vented brushes are specifically designed to be used with a blow dryer. The vents in the brush allow air to circulate right through the hairbrush to greatly reduce drying time. The Charles Ifergan Contoured Vented Brush is perfect for those that love a full, bouncy style. This brush helps to create volume by directing your brushstrokes up and away from the scalp as you dry. A vented brush can also do double duty as your everyday detangling brush as well.


Narrow brushes like the Spornette Little Wonder are the tool to reach for when your style requires backcombing. Backcombing, or teasing, is a styling technique often used in updos that gives lift and height to a hairstyle. Please note that regularly backcombing your hair over a long period of time can cause damage, so be sure to give your strands a rest and use a strengthening deep conditioner to keep them strong and prevent breakage.


Thermal brushes are also designed to work with your hairdryer. The Charles Ifergan Ceramic + Ionic Round Brush has a ceramic coating to hold heat and evenly distribute it through your hair and ionic bristles to prevent static. Be sure to select the right size brush for your hair length. A small barrel-round brush is great for short hair but doesn’t play nicely with long hair. (If you’ve ever made that mistake you won’t be quick to repeat it. Ouch!) For long strands choose a larger barrel.

To keep your scalp and hair healthy, investing in a good quality hairbrush is a must. The hair care experts at Charles Ifergan will be happy to help you choose the perfect hairbrush for your hair type, texture, and style.  Schedule an appointment online today for a cut and style and ask your stylist for their recommendations. You can also download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments on the go. We’ll see you soon in downtown Chicago on Oak Street, Deerfield, or Oakbrook.