2023’s Most Stunning Eyeliner Trends (and How to Pull Off Each Look!)

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Makeup trends are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up! We want our makeup to look fashionable, but with the ever-changing looks from celebs, Tik Tok trends, and recurrence of decades old makeup styles, it can be tricky to know where to start! Here we break down the top trending eyeliner styles of 2023, to help you choose a perfect fit eyeliner look!

Doe Eyes
The doe eyes eyeliner trend is essentially the opposite of cat, fox, or siren eyeliner. Instead of elongating and narrowing the eye, the doe eyes technique widens and rounds the eye, to make eyes appear larger. Simple, eye framing eyeliner is applied, followed by mascara to make lashes appear fuller, which enhances the wide eye look. Often, white liner is placed along the waterline to further amplify the illusion of larger eyes. This style is great for those going for a sweet and innocent look.

Reverse Eyeliner
For an edgy, eccentric look, try reverse eyeliner. Reverse eyeliner is just what it sounds like: eyeliner applied below the eye in just the same way that it would be applied to the top of the eye, and little to no eyeliner on top. This look is dramatic, makes a statement, and looks awesome. Go for your normal eyeliner color, or try a bold pop of color!

Smokey Liner
Smokey eyeliner is similar to the smokey eye eyeshadow look, but is contained just along the lash line. Eyeliner is blended and blurred to create a smokey effect that looks amazing on any complexion and for any occasion. Dress it up or dress it down, smokey eyeliner is as versatile as smokey eyeshadow! This look is timeless and really makes eyes pop.

Floating Eyeliner
Floating eyeliner is a unique and eccentric style that is relatively new on the scene, but is quite effective in accentuating the eye. Floating eyeliner can be done in a variety of different ways, but is ultimately characterized as any eyeliner style that is not connected to the eye. For example, a curve of eyeliner running parallel to the lash line, but placed up on the eyelid, or just below the brow. It may sound a little strange, but don’t count it out without giving it a go! Depending on how it is applied, floating eyeliner can elongate the eyes or make them look larger. It’s also just a really fun, out of the box way to try eyeliner!

Two Toned Liner
Two toned liner is making waves among celebrities and other influencers right now. If you have been on social media at all in 2023, you have probably seen two toned eyeliner. This trend is bold, but not too flashy, and easy to customize. This look features traditional black or brown eyeliner on the top eyelid, and a different color on the bottom lid. Go for a bold primary color, or try a pastel shade for a softer look. With so many different color options, the possibilities are really endless!

Siren Eyeliner
Siren eyeliner went viral across the internet recently, and for very good reason! This eyeliner trend is stunning, and enhances the eyes beautifully. The siren eyeliner look is achieved by creating a long, sweeping point out from the outer eye, much like you would for a cat eye, lining across the lash line, and carrying the liner to a point beyond the inner eye. This look is sleek and sharp, and is great for hooded eyes or anyone looking to elongate their eye shape.

Additional Accents
We would be remiss not to mention adding additional accents to your eyeliner look! Things like rhinestones, pearls, metallic accents, and other small charms take any eyeliner look up a notch. Try adding accents to either the inner or outer corners of your eyes, or stud the entirety of your eyeliner with them. With this extravagant style, you won’t be disappointed!

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