• neuLASH® is fortified with Active Eyelash Technology® to dramatically improve the weak appearance of eyelashes in just 30 days. The transformation begins with moisture
  • Sodium hyaluronate, known for its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, saturates the lashes in hydration, boosting softness, elasticity and shine
  • Created with a proprietary combination of amino acids, bioengineered peptides help promote the look of strength and protect the lashes
  • Biotin, an essential B vitamin adds to this effect, fortifying lashes against further damage
  • Panthenol moisturizes to improve lash flexibility and durability
  • Pumpkin seed extract nourishes the lashes and helps lashes look more luxurious than ever
  • .11 oz

This product can be shipped to the consumer or picked up in the salon.

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