Take it Short this Summer

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platinum blonde pixie cut

Long hair is very pretty, but it can also be quite time consuming. Every long-haired girl has dreamt about getting a super-short hair cut once or twice, whether they actually go through with it or not! Short hair is lighter, easier to style, and super trendy right now. We understand that big hair changes can be intimidating, but sometimes it’s … Read More

Smooth Summer Frizz with a Brazilian Blowout

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smooth straight brunette hair

The summer heat is on the rise, and so is that dreadful humidity. We all know what comes with that: frizzy hair! Before you decided to settle on a messy bun or baseball cap as your saving grace, we’d like to talk to you about some good news. You don’t have to just deal with misbehaving hair! Here at Charles … Read More

Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

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blonde hair girl styled into fancy pony tail

It seems like we spend most of the winter longing for summer weather, am I right? A little sun, a little sand, and a whole lot of outdoor fun. But how is it that we seem to forget year after year that the season we tend to love the most also comes with heat, humidity, and sweat? Yuck! In order … Read More

The Blowout

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girl with mid length brunette hair

Whether you’re a blowout fanatic or you’ve never had one in your life (besides at the end of a haircut or color), there’s likely a thing or two you never knew about the process. Here at Charles Ifergan, we are big fans of the blowout, so we thought we’d offer a few helpful tips on the process! Tip #1: You … Read More

Is it Time for a New Style?

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If you’ve got dead ends, are feeling bored with your current style, experiencing a major life change, or you’ve resorted to pulling your hair up into a bun or ponytail most days, chances are you’re ready for a new ‘do! With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s easy to fall into a hair rut, but here at Charles Ifergan, we’re dedicated to … Read More

Give Your Hair a New Texture

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Let’s face it, these last few weeks in Chicago have been downright C.O.L.D.! Often, our hair takes the brunt of the wind, snow, humidity, and frigid temps. As well, we fall into the same old routine that limits our hairstyle options. The best way to rejuvenate your hair is by trying a new texture. Brazilian blowout. A Brazilian blowout uses … Read More

Japanese Hair Straightening For Smoother Locks

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Frizzy, unmanageable hair also happens in the Winter, and oddly enough, it is caused by the exact opposite of Summer frizz: lack of humidity in the air. Surprised? If you find yourself dealing with this pesky problem, look no further than Charles Ifergan for a Japanese straightening treatment. This thermal reconditioning treatment is just what the stylist ordered to get … Read More


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Ladies, we get it! When you’re ready to change up your hairstyle, it can be hard to wait. Especially when the change you’re looking for involves the length of your hair. Lucky for us, we have solutions! If you currently have a short style or thinning hair and you want to change it up a bit, let the professionals at … Read More


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So, you’ve met the love of your life and you have the ring to prove it? Congratulations, you’re engaged! Among the many details you have to think about, you need the perfect hairstyle to compliment your perfect day. We’ve been inspired by the Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week, and we’re bringing that inspiration to you. Low ponytail. A simple hairstyle pairs well … Read More