Japanese Hair Straightening ~ The Secret to Perfect Hair

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Slick silky black hair

Frizzy hair also happens in the colder months, and believe it or not, it is caused by the exact opposite of warm weather frizz: lack of humidity in the air. Are you surprised? If you find yourself dealing with this annoying issue, look no further than Charles Ifergan for a Japanese straightening treatment. This thermal reconditioning treatment is just what … Read More

Top Tips to Prevent and Treat Hair Static

Charles IferganStyling

Frizzy static hair standing up

As if the cold weather moving in isn’t bone-chilling enough, the dry air that comes with it is soon to bring another enemy: static. Ugh. Just the word alone is enough to make us roll our eyes in disgust. But don’t despair! There’s a few things you can – and should – do to help prevent the dreaded static from … Read More